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Tavistock Golf Course, family owned and operated for 45 years. 18 hole par 60 short 3,205 yrds. Has to be one of the shortest 18 hole courses in Canada. Great history, started by Delmar Zehr who faced some scoffing and snickers when he decided to turn his farm land into a golf course. Popular with beginners and Seniors and anyone who wants to tell their friend the low score they achieved in 18 holes (without mentioning that it’s one of Canada’s shortest 18 holes) I helped pick stones in the field when I was 7 years old at the beginning in 1972. Friends with the family all my life I currently have it for sale after 45 years of the Zehr family ownership and operation. A great course, a great history, a great episode for your show and your chance to finally feel good about a score you made on 18 holes.

Post submitted by: Paul Schumm