Episode 8 | Music Playlist


If you are able, please support the groovy artists that help bring out the distinct flavour of each episode of Highways to Fairways!

 Music Courtesy of Rosner Management ServicesMetal Postcard Records, and Barking Green Music Publishing

 Please follow the links to purchase the songs: 

"Storm" - HOWZAT

"Awakening" - Simon Henley

"Woman of Mine" - Simon Henley

"Childhood Dreams" - Simon Henley

"Newfound Grace" - Simon Henley

"In Two" - Christina Alconcel

"Ya Ya Ya" - Dada Baba

"Never Let Me Go" - Ian K

"Yesterday" - Ian K

"Tequila, Hot Texas Girls and Tailgates" - Lance King

"Drone Strike" - Matthew Heller & The Clever

"The Prophet" - Origami Horses

"Plow" - Stephen Wrench

"Worth Waiting For" - Tod Hughes

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