Episode 7 | Music Playlist


If you are able, please support the sweet artists that help bring out the distinct flavour of each episode of Highways to Fairways!

 Music Courtesy of Rosner Management ServicesMetal Postcard Records, and Barking Green Music Publishing

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"Dancing a Go Go" - Cambodian Space Project

"Lonely Miles" - Danny Davies

"Flowers" - Deer

"Boer Chhang Ban Onn" - Drakkar

"You Can Wait" - Dscio

"Arthur Fuxake" - Gravy Murphy

"Black Books" - Gui Gui Sui Sui

"Downtown"Honey Bucket

"Running With Your Eyes Shut" - Ollo

Baby Come Back" - Stephen Wrench

"Long Time Ago" - Stephen Wrench

"Plow" - Stephen Wrench

"Trump Train"Wesley Michael Hayes & Outlaw Territory

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"Baby Come Back" and "Long Time Ago" - Stephen Wrench 

"Trump Train" - Wesley Michael Hayes & Outlaw Territory