Episode 6 | Music Playlist


If you are able, please support the stunning artists that help bring out the distinct flavour of each episode of Highways to Fairways!

 Music Courtesy of Rosner Management ServicesMetal Postcard Records, and Barking Green Music Publishing

 Please follow the links to purchase the songs:

"Bitsa Maniac" - Ashley Reaks

"Until I’m Right" - Christina Alconcel

"Bittersweet Farewell For Life" - Deer

"Fare Thee Well" - Delaney Rose

"You Can Make A Difference" - Lance King

"halfway up the stairs" - soda eaves

"Plow"Stephen Wrench

"Swan River" - Swoop Swoop

"Dance With Goddess" - The Curious

"Editing in a Hong Kong Bar" - The Horses

"Dirty Creek" - Wesley Michael Hayes

"Graceland"Wesley Michael Hayes

"Rebel Heart"Wesley Michael Hayes 

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