Episode 1 | Music Playlist


If you are able, please support the amazing artists that help bring out the distinct flavour of each episode of Highways to Fairways!

 Music Courtesy of Rosner Management ServicesMetal Postcard Records, and Barking Green Music Publishing

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(In Order of Appearance in Episode)

"Dirty Sheets Dirty Dishes" - Stephen Wrench

"Livin My Own Way" - Lance King

"Emotion" - No Zu

"Gitmo (Art Beatz Mix)" - DJ Foundation

"Love You All The Way" - Lance King

"Time To Break All The Rules" - Stephen Wrench

"You Sure Know How To Edit" - The Horses

"Walkin" - Ali Muhareb

"I Want It All" - SiGA ft Samson Brown

"Morning City Stirs" - Dscio

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