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Two modern day explorers scour the globe looking for the world's most unique golf adventures... and everything else in between!

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Get to know the Adventurers. Charlie Teljeur, The Thinker and Wayde Greer, The Enigma.

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Virginia Is For Lovers …

Unless you’re traveling with someone other than your spouse of course. I find myself traveling down a narrow road with trees overhead forming a makeshift tunnel of limbs and branches surrounding the car. As I peer into the rearview mirror, it’s almost as if the road is disappearing into the forest behind. I ask myself, […]

Embrace Your Life As A Duffer

Hello duffer. Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Duffers Are People Too support group. Group hug. I know you were hesitant to come here. It feels like confessing that you don’t know how a door handle works. I mean, how difficult can this game be, right? One ball, a pile of metal thingies to […]

Duffers – The Masters of Pain

Never let it be said that duffers have no empathy for the elite golfers among us. We’re more kindred spirits than you might think. We both shoot in the low 70’s, only for us, that’s our score after 6 holes. I mention our kinship as the dust settles on the 2016 Masters where Justin Spieth […]

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